Crew List

This crew list is for sailors looking to crew and for skippers looking for permanent or fill-in crew. It is not an email list. If you would like to find out more about fleet communications, click here.

If you are crew looking for a ride, we encourage you to fill out the crew form in full, listing in particular weight, preferred position, and experience, all of which is important information for skippers looking for regular crew or a fill-in.

Name Group Last Updated
Mateo Krok crews 9/27/23
Jenny Maybee crews 9/20/23
max McKenzie crews 8/31/23
Valerie Bucholtz crews 8/21/23
Alex Kent crews 8/14/23
Garrett Bray crews 7/31/23
Rian deBairéad crews 6/30/23
justin cherniak crews 6/13/23
Alex Shoer crews 6/12/23
Paolo Juvara crews 6/5/23
Don Ringer crews 5/15/23
Sofia O’Hara crews 5/11/23
John Spurzem crews 4/23/23
Frederic Meier crews 4/3/23
Liz Iglesias crews 3/2/23
Kelly Redmond crews 2/28/23
JC Reeves crews 2/12/23
Colin O’Neill crews 2/9/23
Jess Myra crews 2/6/23
Kurt Hemmingsen crews 2/3/23
Mehmet Ozbek crews 1/31/23
Bethany Windle crews 1/3/23
Kurt Olsen crews 1/1/23
Ted Wilson crews 11/22/22
Jeremy McCulloch crews 10/27/22
Tom Blomfield crews 10/17/22
Deep Basu crews 9/20/22
Ben Louttit crews 9/9/22
Jeannette Daroosh crews 8/30/22
Sam Hecht crews 8/19/22
Thomas Samuels crews 8/18/22
Laurette Hartigan crews 7/23/22
Ethan Baum crews 7/14/22
Katie Cornetta crews 7/7/22
Larissa Zando crews 7/5/22
Jay Palace crews 6/20/22
Lindsay Browne crews 5/31/22
CHRIS HILLER crews 5/24/22
Alejandro Huneeus crews 4/5/22
ryan lewis crews 3/14/22

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