Crew List

This crew list is for sailors looking to crew and for skippers looking for permanent or fill-in crew. It is not an email list. If you would like to find out more about fleet communications, click here.

If you are crew looking for a ride, we encourage you to fill out the crew form in full, listing in particular weight, preferred position, and experience, all of which is important information for skippers looking for regular crew or a fill-in.

Name Group Last Updated
Nadav Meiri crews 3/14/22
Cooper Waldron crews 3/10/22
Greg Meagher crews 2/22/22
Marcus Molinero crews 1/29/22
Stein Sørlie crews 1/27/22
Lisa Dawn Levin crews 1/16/22
John Brainard crews 1/9/22
Steve Prince crews 1/8/22
Paul Aichholzer crews 12/6/21
James Padbury crews 11/29/21
Robert McCarter crews 11/7/21
Laura Parent crews 10/27/21
Ben House crews 9/29/21
Nicholas Grundl crews 9/22/21
Roxanna Plinsky crews 8/23/21
Rob Schmidt crews 8/19/21
Oz Wilkinson crews 8/8/21
Kimberly Heade crews 7/29/21
Dennis Webb crews 7/24/21
Bolaji Bankole crews 7/7/21
Steve Flisler crews 6/14/21
Pete Boland crews 4/25/21
Guy Rittger crews 3/22/21
Lon Cardon crews 3/21/21
Abigail Yun crews 3/9/21
Michael McBrayer crews 12/5/20
Max Chtangeev crews 12/1/20
N G crews 11/29/20
Olen Gellibrand crews 11/17/20
Kristan Allie crews 11/17/20
Susie Hales crews 9/16/20
Betsey Phillips crews 9/15/20
Kennith Hoolan crews 9/11/20
Tesla Wells crews 8/29/20
Jackson LaRue crews 8/1/20
Tucker Thompson crews 6/23/20
Drew Dennison crews 6/16/20
Luke O'Malley crews 6/16/20
Sasha Blodgett crews 6/12/20
Miha Krumpak crews 3/13/20

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