Crew List

This crew list is for sailors looking to crew and for skippers looking for permanent or fill-in crew. It is not an email list. If you would like to find out more about fleet communications, click here.

If you are crew looking for a ride, we encourage you to fill out the crew form in full, listing in particular weight, preferred position, and experience, all of which is important information for skippers looking for regular crew or a fill-in.

Name Group Last Updated
DeWolf Emery crews 2/21/20
drew harper crews 1/20/20
Pablo Arce crews 1/13/20
Andrew Picel crews 9/19/19
Michael Beller crews 9/13/19
Fatih Sunor crews 9/6/19
Marijn Kruisselbrink crews 8/24/19
Edward Sharp crews 8/22/19
Stuart Glaser crews 8/5/19
Ann Chamberlin crews 12/31/18
Sami Revah crews 12/21/18
Ilya Marin crews 12/19/18
Bridget Hickey crews 11/5/18
Paul Viola crews 9/12/18
Andrew Holbrook crews 9/11/18
fernando rosero crews 9/6/18
Shane Palmer crews 8/31/18
Alex Pivovarov crews 8/29/18
Michelle Lu crews 8/20/18
Gerben Bulthuis crews 8/4/18
Jonathan Anderson crews 8/1/18
John Krowas crews 6/24/18
Patrick Stueve crews 6/20/18
Paul May crews 6/17/18
Rosann Allenbaugh crews 5/31/18
Sean O'Grady crews 5/20/18
Vadim (Dima) crews 4/27/18
John Williams crews 4/23/18
Brian Bosworth crews 3/31/18
Benjamin Han crews 10/30/17
Andrew Dunkle crews 10/24/17
Roscoe crews 10/9/17
Jesse Waters crews 9/5/17
Kira Britt crews 8/25/17
Stefan crews 8/22/17
Germain crews 7/30/17
Jim Courcier crews 6/11/17
Stephen Gorman crews 6/4/17
Kathryn Ullrich crews 5/30/17
johnBioda crews 5/8/17

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