Crew List

This crew list is for sailors looking to crew and for skippers looking for permanent or fill-in crew. It is not an email list. If you would like to find out more about fleet communications, click here.

If you are crew looking for a ride, we encourage you to fill out the crew form in full, listing in particular weight, preferred position, and experience, all of which is important information for skippers looking for regular crew or a fill-in.

Name Group Last Updated
Stephan Sonnenschein crews 1/11/11
Amanda Mason crews 1/15/11
Thomas Dyas crews 1/18/11
Courtney Smith crews 1/20/11
Frank David crews 1/21/11
Mark Lazar crews 3/9/11
Charlie Hopper crews 3/18/11
Jen Browne Snyder crews 3/22/11
Jon Danckwerth crews 3/26/11
Chelsea Simms crews 3/30/11
Maura Winston crews 4/5/11
Jan Vogel crews 4/8/11
Marc Kasanin crews 4/12/11
Shyam Desai crews 4/14/11
Jim Macove crews 6/5/11
Katie Malone crews 6/6/11
Kristin Maberry crews 6/17/11
John Marttin crews 6/18/11
Justin Griffin crews 6/22/11
Andrea Nelson crews 6/23/11
Lynn Davis crews 6/27/11
Liz Felando crews 7/5/11
Liga Hoy crews 7/26/11
Lisa Pratt crews 7/28/11
Nima Baiati crews 8/8/11
Anders Finn crews 8/22/11
Madeleine Wu crews 8/25/11
Saul Rosen crews 8/29/11
Joshua May crews 9/12/11
Michael Galasso crews 9/16/11
John Perkowski crews 9/20/11
John Paul crews 9/24/11
Michael Brown crews 10/12/11
Bianca Jagers crews 11/1/11
Al Sargent crews 11/13/11
Tony Kenck crews 11/19/11
Matt Krogstad crews 1/6/12
Philippe JEGOU crews 2/6/12
Jeff Chinnock crews 2/9/12
Josh Daymont crews 2/20/12

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