Fleet ExCom

Name Boat Group Role Last Updated
Ryan Simmons Blackhawk owners Fleet Captain 2/21/19
Colin Miller BigBuoys owners Fleet Treasurer 11/30/17
Justin Oberbauer Strangelove owners Fleet Secretary 2/21/19
Rolf Kaiser Donkey Jack owners Race & Competition Chair 4/27/09
Doug Bailey Akula owners Fleet Measurer 2/21/19
Adam Spiegel Jam Session owners Member At Large 2/21/19
Shannon Ryan Donkey Jack owners Member At Large, National Officer, Past Fleet Captain 1/17/18
Ian Charles Maverick owners Member At Large 2/21/19
Phillip Laby Godot owners Past Fleet Captain 2/21/19
Don Wieneke LuLu owners Past Fleet Captain 3/16/16

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