2015 Boat Weighings

There will be a boat weighing at the Berkeley Marine Center Saturday, March 21 between 10:00 and 11:00 AM. Dick Horn, USSA Measurer will perform the weighing and certified weight certificates will be issued.

Why should I get my boat weighed?

In order to race in Fleet and Class one design races (including the 2015 North Americans in San Francisco) , a J/105 must have a weigh certificate stating its weight meets/exceeds the Class minimum weight (8576 lbs).

Why should I get my boat weighed if I don’t plan to race one design?

Even if you race PHRF, you need to meet the “specs” of the type of boat you are racing. Someone could protest your PHRF rating if you don’t meet the specs.

Also, if you ever want to charter your boat to someone who wants to race in a one design regatta, a weight certificate is required.

If you want to sell your J/105 to a person who wants to race the boat, the weight certificate hurdle is already handled.

Why should I get my boat reweighed?

Boats that have had major repairs (i.e. hitting rocks with their keels) or change in equipment (i.e. new engine) are required to be reweighed. In these cases, the results usually means a decrease in corrector weights.

How much does it cost?

Previous weighings have been $150/boat when we have four or more boats (we presently have two boats committed). Individual weighings are significantly more. This is the only weighing planned for 2015.

Fleet #1 Admin2015 Boat Weighings