RegattaPro Day 1: New Faces in High Places

The winter RegattaPro series kicked off on November 8th on Berkeley Circle. This year’s entry list features a large number of new boats, new names on old boats, new owners of known boats and old owners in familiar boats in unaccustomed positions on the leaderboard. The continued growth and evolution of Fleet One speaks well of the boat, the class and the quality of the J105 racing on San Francisco Bay – Welcome All!

After two races, Hazardous Waste leads the pack, followed by Chinook and Aquavit – doing well under new management, then David Mace’s Moonlighting, and Joyride in 5th. The next two races are scheduled for December 13th. There’s still time to sign up for the best Winter One Design racing on the bay.

Fleet #1 AdminRegattaPro Day 1: New Faces in High Places