Alchemy Holds Off Blackhawk in Ocean Race

The ocean race started with a very light northeasterly breeze and an ebb tide. Strangelove got pushed over early and painfully struggled to get back to the starting line as the rest of the fleet drifted out towards the bridge. Soon a nice 10-12 knot westerly filled in and the fleet tacked out by the headlands and into the fog. At the weather mark the first boats around the lightship were Mojo, Donkey Jack and Wonder. On the way back it was still ebbing so the big decision was to go North or South. This year the North paid as those who came in at Point Bonita and took advantage of the early flood ended up ahead. Alchemy sailed the hottest angle and got to the relief first followed closely by Blackhawk. Alchemy managed to hold them off and got the bullet.

The top five boats were Alchemy, Blackhawk, Wonder and Lulu; see full results.

Fleet #1 AdminAlchemy Holds Off Blackhawk in Ocean Race