Godot Loses Gelcoat, Wins CYC

In a departure from the traditional J105 A-Series circuit, Fleet One enthusiastically accepted an invitation to race from the beautifully located and always hospitable Corinthian Yacht Club in Tiburon. Saturday’s windward-leeward course was set up a few hundred yards off the end of the end of Berkeley pier. A light ebb was running, stronger to the south side of the course, switching to an early flood later in the day at the top mark. Blackhawk, Godot, Akula, Arbitrage and Mojo prevailed in the gusty winds and managed to outpace boats that suffered in the strong breeze and substantial chop that had developed by race 3. In an interesting twist to the usual go-fast, turn-left circuits, the RC ended racing with a long beat leg to a finish close to Little Harding, making for an easy cruise back to the club, live band and beer/pizza party.

Sunday’s racing was located in a more Northerly part of Berkeley Circle, once again in light ebb, but with no particular current advantage on either side of the course. Mojo took the first race bullet and Godot could only manage a 4th, compressing the field and ensuring that any of the top 5 boats had a legitimate chance to win the regatta with a good showing in race 5. Mojo and Godot both had good starts, converging on the starboard layline to the top mark. Mojo miss-judged a very close duck and hit Godot a foot or so from their stern – causing damage and the retirement of both boats. 

After considerable mathematics, some throwout-rule analysis, redress hearings and a rather disappointing late goal by Portugal, the results were: 1 – Godot, 2 – Blackhawk, 3 – Arbitrage, 4 – Akula and 5 – the unlucky Mojo.

J105 Fleet One A-Series Championship racing continues on July 12th with the Sausalito YC Regatta. Register here.

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