Jam Session Wins 2010 Vallejo Races

Saturday Race Report

At 1125 hrs 13 J/105s “hit” the starting line in about 3 kts of breeze. Adam Spiegel’s Jam Session, wisely using their engine up until the prep signal, dashed into the current toward the committee boat, nailing the start and leading the group to the first windward mark, and as a matter of fact, the finish line, 3 hrs and 36 min later. The wind gradually built over the 21.5 nm. course with a high of 17 kts. In the latter stage of the race, Tom Coate’s Masquerade passed Will Benedict’s Advantage3 for second. Rolf Kaiser and the Donkey Jack Crew (including Scott Sellers) finished just ahead of Marc Vayn’s Whisper and Bill Hoehler’s Joyride. The three boat were separated by 24 seconds. Saturday’s ebb tide, sunshine and downwind run made the race pleasant in deed. Final Race Results can be found at Check race info/results/party circuit.

Chinook Crew Wins 12th Annual J/105 Fleet 1 Toast Off !!

What Class drew the biggest crowd to the docks in Vallejo? The J/105 Class !!

Who was the winner of this long standing Fleet tradition, where one crew must toast the crew that just finished in front of them and present that crew with a six pack of cold beer? Jim Duffy’s Chinook Crew, that’s who. Their song was one of the more professional songs in modern times and even was accompanied by an instrument!

Who finished second? The Advantage3 trio (aka the Village People ) singing ‘It’s Fun to Race on a J.1.0.5 (aka Y.M.C.A)

And third? Theresa Brandner and the Walloping Swede Crew with a very “sincere” poem entitled “Victory Snatched Away! “

Who was the support staff? Jim Mullen (Cuchulainn) played Ryan Seacrest and was Master of Ceremonies. Lyn Mullen played Simon, Randy, Ellen and Kara, and judged the event, in addition to performing as the Class photographer (women can multi task).

And the Margaritas? After racing to Vallejo with Stuart Taylor’s MMM (Magnificence Margarita Machine)(which was leaking gasoline) Theresa and the Swedes served margaritas that loosened the group up for a wild Toast Off !!

Who had a good time? Everyone!

Sunday Race Report

Once the fleet had assembled and had the mud shaken off their keels, the fleet had a downwind start with kites set at or before the starting line and lots of close quarter gybing down the Napa River. The breeze built and backed significantly in the last several hundred yards of the river, catching several in the fleet by surprise and causing some significant grief as boats tried to douse on a hot angle without losing too much ground to leeward. Joyride pulled it off cleanly and led the pack out of the river, with Racer X somewhere around 10 boatlengths back and Jam Session and the rest of the fleet within another 15 – 20 boatlengths.

Once in San Pablo Bay, Joyride initially took the line furthest to the west, with the rest of the fleet in the shallow water to the east. About halfway up the bay, Jam Session tacked onto port and crossing far behind Joyride’s line, headed out into the channel to take the position as the right-most boat. Shortly after, the breeze clocked significantly such that when Joy Ride tacked to port, she barely crossed ahead of Jam Session. Jam Session again tacked to port, closely ducking Joy Ride and tacking back to starboard 300 or so yards on her weather hip. At this point, both boats were overstanding the layline to the finish and were sailing high to get to the current relief on the Marin shore and avoid a large hole to leeward. Once past Pt. Pinole, the wind continued to clock, tempting Joy Ride to try a chute. Unfortunately, a hot angle combined with several larger boats rolling over her allowed Jam Session to squeeze ahead. By the time Joy Ride doused and got her way on, she was clear astern of Jam Session and now defending against a fast approaching Mojo. Jam Session continued to the Marin shore, where she set a kite for the final crack-off to the finish.

A huge “thank you” to ZarAssist (owned and operated by Jeff Zarwell) for his low cost and friendly tow service! Without him, several of the fleet might still be in the mud in the Vallejo Marina!

A special prize is awarded to Donkey Jack, who won the single-handed division after starting the day as an obstruction in the marina channel mud, only to later run out of fuel halfway home. Captain Rolf singlehandedly set main, jib and kite without the benefit of an autopilot on board. When offered a tow at 5pm at Racoon Straights, he declined, insistent on making it all the way back to the dock under sail. Rolf is now reportedly excited about the Vallejo 1-2, run by the Singlehanded Sailing Society on October 16-17 (single-handed to Vallejo, double-handed back). Jam Session is the defending J/105 champion and is excited to have some more J/105 competition!

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