Updated Fleet Articles for 2009-2012

An updated copy of the Fleet One Articles (our local class rules) is now available under “Fleet Business/Documents.” In addition to the changes to Article 3 that were discussed extensively at last year’s Annual General Meeting, the construction of rule 9.1 (the “One Turn vs. Two Turn Penalty”) has been changed so that it conforms with the new “zone” definition in the RRS 2009 – 2012. Note that in order for our local modification of RRS 44.1 to be in effect for a regatta, this language must be repeated in the sailing instructions. This extra step is necessary because RRS 86.1(c) prohibits class rules from changing RRS 44.1 (but allows it to be done via the SIs). The ExCom will work with the organizing authority of each J/105 event to try to make sure that this language is included in the event’s SIs.

Fleet #1 AdminUpdated Fleet Articles for 2009-2012