J/105 Fleet #1 Sponsor Guidelines

This document has been drafted for Yacht Club race committees that have expressed an interest in hosting a J/105 Fleet #1 season counter regatta (i.e., “A Season”).  The schedule can be found here.

The following is a checklist of basic considerations for sponsoring an event. These are intended to be “guidelines” to running a successful J 105 race event and meant to increase Race Committee (RC) and Yacht Club awareness of some “Big Fleet” issues peculiar to J/105s as we can have anywhere from 15 to 25 boats on the starting line. In many cases they may be modified due to the nature of the event (fun races versus A Season races) and the number of J/105s participating.

  1. Is a Certified Race Officer on the Race Committee?
  2. Does the RC have enough assets (mark boat, pin boat)?
  3. Is the RC capable of setting an offset mark at the windward mark and a gate for the leeward mark if the size of the fleet dictates?
  4. Is a protest committee available on race day?
  5. We require the start line be set with at least 1.5 boat lengths (35’ x 1.5) per boat.
  6. Does the RC know how to set the line to accommodate tide and oscillating wind shifts?
  7. What are the proposed race venue and courses?
  8. What is the mean low low depth on the course?
  9. Has a Coast Guard permit been requested through the YRA?
  10. Are any pre/post race activities planned?
  11. Are trophies to be awarded?
  12. What is the entry fee?

It is the preference of the fleet that there be no throwouts in each regatta.

Any interested Race Committees should contact a member of the SF J/105 Excom to propose getting an event on the schedule. All events are established via Fleet Annual Meeting approval of Excom-recommended events in November of each year for the FOLLOWING year. Accordingly, you should have your proposal submitted and approved by the excom by the end of October of the year BEFORE the season in which you are interested.

Fleet 1 is dedicated to preserving and promoting racing and social activities for its members and being an active and supportive member of the San Francisco sailing community. Fleet 1 is interested in expanding and including new and varied race venues, club sponsors and activities and will work with you to accommodate and further our mutual goals and objectives.

For more information, contact the Fleet ExCom.

Fleet #1 AdminJ/105 Fleet #1 Sponsor Guidelines