Fleet One Annual Meeting October 21, 2004 6:30 – 9:00 PM at the St Francis Yacht Club

The meeting was called to order on October 21, 2004 at approximately 6:30 pm at the St Francis Yacht Club. 
With proxies, a majority of Fleet #1 owners were present. 
  1. Pat Benedict raised a motion which was seconded by Peter Lane to adopt National Rules:

    Move that Fleet #1 adopt the J/105 National Rules as amended by a majority vote of Fleet #1 members. The process of this transition will be determined by the EXCOM and the final amendments voted upon by the Fleet #1 members prior to the first 2005 Championship race.

    This motion was approved by voice vote.

  2. A motion was brought to the floor to change the election of fleet officers to the mid-season break (i.e. first Tuesday before the second half of the year)

    This motion was NOT seconded.

  3. A motion was brought to the floor (and seconded) to change the terms for specific fleet officers (Secretary, Treasurer, and Measurer) from one year to two years.

    This motion was approved by voice vote.

  4. A motion was brought to the floor by Eden Kim and seconded by Peter Lane to change the definition of a quorum to:

    Quorum = (# of racers who raced in any fleet 1 race + 1)/2

    The purpose of this change was to make it easier to get a quorum by only counting those owners who actually participated in the Fleet 1 sailing season. This will replace/amend Article 7 in the Fleet 1 articles.

    This motion was approved by a showing of 17 ays vs. 2 nays.

  5. A motion was brought to the floor by Kevin Mullen and seconded by Eden Kim to remove the alternative penalty that allows one 360 turn for infractions outside 2 boat lengths from marks – i.e. reinstates the 720 rule for all infractions. A vigorous discussion was had prior to the vote.

    The motion was denied by a showing of 3 ays vs 16+ nays
  7. A motion was brought to the floor by Eden Kim to prevent outside communications between support boats (i.e. Protectors) and races ten minutes prior to the first race through the end of the second race. A brief discussion was had and the consensus of the group was that the racing rule regarding “Outside Assistance” covered this situation.

    The motion was NOT seconded.
  8. Randy discussed the rules changes in front of the J/105 National organization. Randy committed to sending out an email encouraging the fleet to look at the rules submissions on the Fleet #1 website and to solicit (non-binding) input for him to determine how to cast the Fleet #1 votes. A recommendation was made to take the discussions to the web site and was carried.

  9.  A new fleet captain and his recommended slate of officers for 2005 was put forward to vote

    Fleet Captain

    Stuart Taylor


    Fleet Treasurer

    Paul Farr


    Fleet Secretary

    Tom Struttmann


    Fleet Measurer

    Pat Benedict


    Race and Competition Chair

    Peter Lane


    Excom Member At Large

    Tom Kennelly


    Excom Member At Large

    Leslie Richter


    Past Fleet Captain

    Randy Paul

    The appointments were carried by a voice vote.

  11. The proposed 2005 Season Championship schedule (“A” Season) as documented in the agenda and on the web site was proposed by Chris Perkins. A brief discussion was had to increase the number of races per regatta to allow for 3 races on Saturdays where the organizing race committee would support our request. 

    The Schedule was approved by a verbal vote with the proviso that the race committee & chair would be allowed to negotiate the actual number of races with the sponsoring yacht club (i.e. the number of races was a ‘recommended number’ not an absolute number)

  12. The number of throw-out races for the 2005 Championship schedule was proposed to be 25% (rounded up) and seconded.

    The number of throw-outs was carried by a voice vote.

  13. The task of defining the 2005 “B” (YRA) season schedule was given to the Race & Competition chair and Don Wieneke to work with interested parties to create a recommendation to the ExCom and fleet. This committee met after the annual meeting ended to discuss options. 

  14. A mandatory rules seminar as proposed with a date to be determined was proposed and seconded. The executive committee was given the action item to work with the sponsors (Quantum, North, J/Boats, etc) and with Dave Perry (or substitute) to determine a format and date for the rules seminar. Jeff Thorpe volunteered to assist with the efforts to bring Dave Perry out.

    The mandatory rules seminar was carried by a voice vote.

  15. An optional “on-the-water” clinic in mid-July was proposed for new and interested owners. The action item was assigned to the executive committee for follow up and coordination with the Rules Clinic.

    The meeting was closed at approximately 9:00 PM. 

Tom Struttmann
Fleet Secretary

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