Date:          October 9, 2002
Location:  St. Francis Yacht Club


Agenda of Business Items Discussed:


††††††††††††††† Approval of 2002 Minutes

††††††††††††††† Treasurerís Report

††††††††††††††† Rules Seminars

††††††††††††††† Fleet Dues

††††††††††††††† Proposed Rule Changes

††††††††††††††† 2003 Schedule

††††††††††††††† Election of 2003 Fleet Officers

††††††††††††††† Annual dinner

Call to Order - Introduction of Members and Proxies Held
The Fleet Captain Tambellini acted as Chairman of the meeting. The Excom included Don Trask, Eden Kim, Randy Paul, David Tambellini, David Owen, Jaren Leet, and Phillips Perkins. It was determined that a quorum existed for the meeting with 29 members present either in person or by proxy out of 51 eligible votes.

Approval of Minutes of the 2000 Annual Meeting
The minutes of the 2001 annual meeting as posted on the Class Website were approved.

Treasurer's Report:David Owen reported that the fleet has a cash balance of $3,661.25 with expenditures for the fleet dinner and awards remaining. The estimated year end balance is approximately $1,200.Financial items discussed were website expenses of approximately $2,000, hosted events such as the rules seminars and the North American Championships (little if any local costs).The potential of sponsorship was discussed as a way of reducing expense to the Class.

Seminars:It was moved, seconded and carried that there will be a mandatory one day Rules seminar, date to be announced.

Fleet Dues for 2003
Fleet Dues for 2002 will include national dues. It was moved, seconded and carried that annual dues will be $100 per boat plus $25 per additional co-owner, plus $25 per owner for National dues. Annual dues (which include $25 for National Dues) are therefore $125 for the first owner and $50 for each additional owner (Single owner boat pays $125, two owner pays $175, three owner pays $225), and $25 for associate membership.


Proposed Rules Changes

Adoption of National Class Rule Regarding Sail Purchase Limitations.

It was moved, seconded and carried that Fleet One adopts the National Class Rules regarding sail purchase limitations.

Adoption of 89sq. meter Spinnaker rule.

It was moved , seconded and carried (five opposed) that Fleet One adopt the National Class Rule regarding spinnaker size, allowing 89 square meter asymmetric spinnakers

Adoption of National weight limit of 1045 pounds.

It was moved, seconded and carried (three opposed) that Fleet One adopt the National Class Rule of 1045 pounds maximum crew weight.

Discussion regarding weight Equalization:

It was moved seconded and carried that Fleet One will enforce weight equalization rules as set by the National Class, commencing with the 2003 Season.

Proposed Racing Schedule for 2003
The Fleet One Season Schedule for 2003 was proposed and approved as follows:




Number of Races

Rules Seminar

February 1


StFYC Spring One Design

March 15-6

4 Races

StFyc Lightship Ocean Race

March 29

1 Race

Encinal J-Fest

April 12-13

4 Races

StFYC Hospice

May 24-25

4 Races

SFYC Regional

June 7-8

4 Races

Aldo Alessio

August 1-3

4 Races


August 30-31

4 Races

Big Boat Series

September 11-14

7 Races


A motion to place the Vallejo Race on the season schedule was voted down.A motion to delete the Friday racing from the Aldo Alessio Regatta failed.A motion to design a secondary season in addition to the Season Championship was approved.A motion to delete the NOOD as a counter was defeated.

The J/105 North American Championship Regatta will be held at St Francis Yacht Club August 13-17, 2003, but is not included as a season counting regatta.Jaren Leet is Event Developer and Phil Perkins is Regatta Chair.Other Fleet One members will assist in putting on this important event.


Election of Fleet One 2003 Class Officers and Excom Members At Large
The following people were elected as listed:


Fleet Captain

Eden Kim


Fleet Treasurer & Secretary

Randy Paul


Excom Member at Large

Jeff Litfin


Fleet Measurer

Don Trask


Race and Competition Chair

Phillips Perkins


Excom Member At Large

Steve Stroub


Past Fleet Captain

David Tambellini


Fleet Dinner
The Annual Fleet Dinner will take place on
November 9, 2002 at the St. Francis Yacht Club. Respectfully submitted,

Randy Paul
2002 Fleet Secretary

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