Date:         November 2 , 2002
Location:  San Francisco Yacht Club

Members Present:   Eden Kim, Randy Paul, Dave Tambellini, Jaren Leet, Steve Stroub, Jeff Litfin, Phil Perkins

Call to Order:

The meeting was called to order by Eden Kim at 9:00 a.m

Secretary/Treasurer Issues:

1. Treasurer Randy Paul is to get together with David Owen to establish a 2003 budget and to arrange for transfer of the checking accounts and records of the Association. In addition David Owen will transfer the fleet roster.
2. Proposed fund raising events were discussed, including T-shirts and Banner Ads on the website.
3. Eden Kim and Randy Paul will work on a clean up of the fleet articles.
4. A finance committee was proposed and approved, consisting of Phil Perkins, Dave Tambellini and Randy Paul.

Sail Transition Issues:

1. Discussion was had concerning the transition to the 89 sq. m. kites, including having our local rules be consistently interpreted and coordinated with the national rules in as seamless a fashion as possible. It was decided that the transition date would be January 1, 2003.
2. Damaged sail replacement was discussed with the issue being to preserve the spirit and intent that sails be truly unrepairable and that competitors not gain an advantage by replacing an old sail with a new one under the guise of damage. Don Trask and sailmakers are to be consulted regarding this issue. A discussion was had concerning replacing damaged sails with "like kind and vintage" to address this concern.

North American Championship 2003

1. Jaren Leet, as National President and Regatta Developer will be working with local and national representatives to ensure a world class event.
2. The following individuals were appointed to event positions: Phil Perkins, Regatta Chair, Tony Chargin, Principal Race Officer, Stuart Taylor, Entry Compliance, Jeff Trask, Technical Compliance, Steve Stroub, Hospitality and Social, and Tom Coates, Charter Coordinator.

Schedule Issues:

1. Rules seminar was tentatively scheduled for February 8, 2003 and by subsequent discussion has been set for February 9, 2003.
2. Other scheduled events, including a second schedule of races, a Tinsley Island retreat and a "Tactics Day" were to be subsequently discusses and set.

Enforcement Issues:

1. Discussion was had regarding sail tag enforcement. This should be in accordance with national rules.
2. Float line enforcement was discussed.

Website Issues:

Website issues were discussed, including publication of owner email addresses and sale of advertising on the site.

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