Date:          Tuesday, May 21, 2002
Location:  By Uanimous Written Resolution

Members Present:   Dave Tambellini, Jaren Leet, Eden Kim, Phillips Perkins;  Don Trask, Randy Paul, David Owen

Agenda of Business Items Discussed:

  Adoption of Advertising Policy for SF J105 Fleet 1 Website

Call to Order:

A Special Meeting of the Excom was held by Unanious Written Consent on Tuesday, May 21, 2002. Present for the Meeting were Mssrs. David Tambellini, Phillips Perkins, Jaren Leet, Eden Kim, Don Trask, Randy Paul, and David Owen.

The following business items were discussed:

1.0 Adoption of Ad Policy for Website

The Excom has held several discussions regarding the drafting and adoption of a SF Fleet 1 Website Ad Policy. After several drafts and discussions among the Excom, the following SF Fleet 1 Website Ad Policy is hereby adopted.

1.1 J105 Fleet 1 Webiste Ad Policy

1.1 .1
The Webcom shall have the discretion to accept or reject advertising on the Website consistent with the standards set forth in this policy. Decisions of the Webcom are subject to review of the ExComm upon request by a Webcom member or upon petition by an affected party.

Advertising for products or services consistent with the interests of J/105 owners and crew may be considered for placement. Such products and services include but are not limited to the maritime, sailing and boating industries, as well as educational, philanthropic or charity organizations. The Fleet shall have the right to refuse advertising from any party at its sole discretion.

Any advertiser also agrees to comply with all Fleet 1 rules and specifications as they pertain to the advertisers goods or services. Fleet 1 shall have the right to request advertisers to submit descriptions of goods and services rendered to ensure compliance with Fleet 1 rules and the excom shall further have the right to pull any ads for violation of such compliance.

1.1 .2
The Webcom shall charge advertisers for display of advertising on the Fleet Site at rates which may vary according to market conditions, type of advertising or organization or other factors as determined by guidelines established by the Excom.

1.1 .3
Advertisers shall provide the Webcom with site ready art to specifications provided by the Webcom. All copy, images and art are subject to review and approval by Webcom. All advertisers shall adhere to appropriate standards of good taste. No disparaging or slanderous advertising shall be permitted.

1.1 .4
With the exception of advertising concerning sailing or power vessels or vehicles similar to those marketed by Sail California, the Fleet reserves the right to post advertising from competing vendors of similar services or products. Purchase of advertising space on the Fleet Website does not grant any rights beyond the ability to post ads for the period agreed. The Fleet shall have the sole authority over advertising copy posted on its site and reserves the right to edit or delete advertising which violates the policies established for the site.

1.1 .5
Fleet Site may offer Links to other websites or addresses at its sole discretion and shall incur no liabiltiy for so doing. No right to a link may be inferred from the fact that links are provided on the site.

1.1 .6
No member having a financial interest in an advertiser shall participate in the decision-making process with respect to that advertisers ad placement.

1.1 .7

Sail California shall have the exclusive right to post advertising for marine related vessels or vehicles on the site. In the event Sail California chooses not to advertise for a class of product, the Fleet shall be free to accept advertising from others for such products.


1.2 Payment, Use of Proceeds

Payment shall be made in advance to J105 San Francisco Fleet 1.

Funds received for Site Ads shall be deposited in the
Fleet 1 bank account

Any proceeds from sale of Site Ads shall be added to
the Fleet 1 general fund.


1.3 Amendments and Modifications to Ad Policy

The Excom reserves the right to modify or amend this Ad Polilcy from time to time by posting such amendments, and the date thereof, to this website.



There being no further business before the Excom, this Fleet 1 Ad Policy is hereby adopted by Unanimous Written Resolution on the date set forth above.

Respectfully submitted,

Randy Paul

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