Date:          Saturday, January 19, 2002
Location:  San Francisco Yacht Club

Members Present:   Dave Tambellini, Jaren Leet, Eden Kim, Phillips Perkins
Members Absent :    Don Trask, Randy Paul, David Owen

Agenda of Business Items Discussed:

   Penalties for Breaking Rule in Part 2 of RRS
   Voting on J105 National Class Rules Changes
   Website Issues
   Response to Fleet 1 Clinic
   Associate Membership Drive

Call to Order:

A Regular Meeting of the Excom was called to order by Fleet Captain David Tambellini at 0909 hours at the SFYC. Present at the Meeting were Mssrs. David Tambellini, Phillips Perkins, Jaren Leet, and Eden Kim. Phillips Perkins acted as secretary and took the minutes of this meeting.

The following business items were discussed:

1. Penalties For Breaking Rules (RRS) Of Part 2

At the 2001 Fleet 1 J105 Annual Meeting, the fleet voted to empower the ExCom with looking at ways to reduce fouls and collisions. Some of the ideas discussed were: a mandatory tactics/rules seminar (which has been subsequently planned), potentially revising the season scoring implications of receiving a DSQ (ie non-discardable) and revising the on the water penalties available under RRS 44.

The issue discussed was whether we should implement any changes for the 2002 season and if so, which ones and when. Given that we did not have time for a fleet discussion and vote at the Annual Meeting for the 2002 season, changing the fleet rules for this season could be viewed as heavy handed. The alternative is to work with the race committees on several of our first regattas to try various alternatives and immediately ask for fleet comments.

We will work with the St. FYC and the EYC to include alternate penalties for the Spring One Design and J Fest. The Spring One Design will include a 360 degree penalty alternative and J Fest will include a 20% scoring penalty. At the end of each regatta, the Fleet Captain will email the fleet to get feedback on whether that helped. Based upon feedback, we will decide whether to include either of these provisions in subsequent regattas and eventually propose a change to Fleet 1 rules at the next Annual Meeting if appropriate.

2. Voting on J105 National Class Rules Changes

There are 19 potential National rule changes for which Fleet 1 (via Jaren Leet) must cast its vote. Note that these rules changes do not impact Fleet 1 races until and unless adopted by our fleet through a fleet vote.The fleet 1 votes will be cast consistent with our fleet 1 local rules where applicable. Those wanting more information may contact Jaren Leet directly.

3. Website Issues

Eden Kim has volunteered to take over as J105 Webmaster. He will be working to update the fleet 1 website. Updating the site may include the introduction of a message board/discussion database similar to what is on the national website. Due to budget constraints, third party costs will be limited until we can generate the necessary revenue. Eden will work on site and made the point that we will need to form a subcommittee or other volunteers to provide content. Phil Perkins will look at ideas to generate revenue such as advertising on website.

4. Response to Fleet 1 Clinic

Responses to the clinic are slow in coming. Given that we want to have 100% participation, we will follow sign-ups closely and implement email and/or calling campaigns if necessary.

5. Associate Membership Drive

The bulk of fleet 1 revenue comes from annual dues. We discussed the benefits to the fleet of encouraging non-boat owners (i.e. crew or potential crew) to join as Associates. This would help the fleet in terms of its ability to fund activities such as updating the website and would increase the number of people involved with J105s on SF bay. We will look at ways of encouraging new associate members starting with posting something on the fleet 1 website.


There being no further business to be discussed, a motion was made, seconded and passed to adjourn the meeting at 1030 hours.

Respectfully submitted,

Phillips Perkins
Acting Secretary

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