Date:          September 26, 2001
Location:  Corinthian Yacht Club

Members Present:   Jaren Leet, Dave Tambellini, Pat Benedict, Dick Thayer, Don Trask, David Owen
Members Absent :  none

Agenda of Business Items Discussed:

  Annual Dinner for Nov. 16, 2001
  Annual Fleet Meeting for Oct. 18, 2001& Notice of Meeting
  Issues: weight; 89 sq. meter spinnaker; sail purchase restriction - date; sail purchase restriction - type; float lines; website; dues; schedule; fleet behavior; awards dinner budget; sportsman award; rules books; officer nominations.

Call to Order:

A Regular Meeting of the Excom was called to order by Fleet Captain Jaren Leet at the CYC. Present at the Meeting were Mssrs.  Jaren Leet, Dave Tambellini, Pat Benedict, Dick Thayer, Don Trask, David Owen. Dave Tambellini acted as secretary and took the minutes of this meeting.

The following business items were discussed:

1. Annual Dinner

The annual dinner set for November 16, 2001 at the Corinthian Yacht Club.

2. Annual Fleet Meeting

The Annual Fleet Meeting is to be held at the StFYC on Oct. 18, 2001 or on Oct. 24, 2001 as an alternate date. Dinner is available in the Grill Room any time for those who are interested. Issues for the meeting:

  1. Weight issue. Increase the weight limit to become less weight restrictive. The National Class is considering the inclusion in National Rules of the Fleet One owner/driver cap at 220 pounds and is also considering the relaxation of the weight restriction rule to 1045 pounds. This matter may come to National vote in 3-4 months.
    • Dean Dietrich has indicated a desire to write a proposed amendment to favor an increased weight rule.


  2. 89 Sq. Meter Spinnaker. 89 sq. meter Spinnaker voted IN FAVOR was by the National Class (Vote was 17 YES against 11 NO). for 2003. This is the only rule change that was voted on by National, EXCOM IN FAVOR.

  3. Change the sail purchase restrictions - Date. Change the sail purchase restrictions from current annual anniversary date to colander year. The current rule is extremely difficult if not practically impossible to enforce. The cost to the owner will not change, and may, in fact, allow an owner to take advantage of a group winter discount from a sailmaker. The National Excom is strongly in favor of this change and will bring the matter to National Fleet vote as soon as possible EXCOM VOTED IN FAVOR.

  4. Change the sail purchase restrictions - Type. Change in the sail purchase restrictions from a jib and spinnaker each year and a main every two years to any 2 sails the first year, any 3 the second and any 2 sails the third. Materials of construction to remain unchanged. EXCOM VOTED IN FAVOR.

  5. Float Lines. Be advised Float Lines Issue is on the horizon and may become a factor in the future. However, currently not being enforced in our region.

  6. Website. Web site is in suspense. We need a volunteer, Eden Kim looks like he is the man, and will encourage him to organize a committee and advise EXCOM.

  7. Dues. The Excom recommended that dues for 2002 be set at $110 per owner and $25 per associate including National Class Association dues. Dues will be voted on at the Annual meeting.

  8. 2002 Fleet Schedule. The 2002 Fleet One Season Championship schedule was presented and discussed in detail. The following regatta schedule was approved by the Excom and will be submitted to Fleet vote at the Annual meeting.

    Date Days Regatta
    Yacht Club
    Nbr Races
    March 16-17 Sat - Sun Spring One Design
    March 30 Sat Ocean Race
    April 13-14 Sat - Sun J-Fest
    May 4-5 Sat - Sun Vallejo Race
    May 25-26 Sat - Sun Hospice Cup
    June 8-9 Sat - Sun PCC's
    June 15(16?)   Coastal Cup
    Non Counter
    June 28-30 Fri -Sat-Sun North Sails Race Wk
    Non Counter
    1st Half total   individual races
    July 27-28 Sat - Sun 2d Half Opener
    August 4-14   Royal Hawaiian Cup
    Non Counter
    August 9-11 Fri -Sat-Sun Stone Cup major incl Ocean Race
    Aug 31 - Sep 1 Sat - Sun NOOD
    Sep 12-15 Thu-Fri -Sat-Sun BBS
    Sep 19-22 Thu-Fri -Sat-Sun J105 NA's - Chicago
    Non Counter
    2d Half total   individual races
    Oct 10-13 Thu-Fri -Sat-Sun Master's
    Non Counter
    JFL Recommendations Add J/105 race (or rally???) to Tinsley Island
    Non Counter

  9. Fleet Behavior. Fleet Behavior and compliance with the Racing Rules of Sailing is an essential issue for 2003. Rule Seminar attendance should be considered a must for all competitors! Other matters discussed included a Fleet Rule to make DSQ's NON DISCARDABLE, a mandatory Fleet fine of $1,000 for each boat involved in serious damage, on-the-water umpires, exclusion of the right to participate in the next regatta, penalties for being a -no-show at a protest hearing and the possible inclusion of the "yellow flag" rule.

  10. Awards Dinner . Awards Dinner will be consistent with last year's and show a small loss. Karen Rosenbaum has again volunteered to help out. George Vare has been approached about supplying the wines. Don Trask has been approached about cocktail sponsorship. The awards budget is approx. $1500.

  11. Special Award. Special awards will be again be prepared for various areas of recognition, including sportsmanship, picture albums, the cruise Master for Tinsley island, etc.

  12. Books. Pat will order the U.S. Sailing Rulebook by Dave Perry for the fleet. These books will be given out at the Annual dinner.

  13. Officers Nominated.
    Officers are nominated: * *Fleet Captain David Tambellini
      *Fleet Treasurer/Scorer David Owen
      *Fleet Measurer Don Trask
      *Fleet Secretary Randy Paul
    *Although these are the nominations of the EXCOM in accord with our Rules this does not restrict the participation of anyone in the fleet to volunteer others for these positions in the course of the meeting before the final approval by Fleet Vote.

    Nominated Excom for 2002 is the above officers plus
      2001 Fleet Captain Jaren Leet
      2001 Excom Member Phil Perkins
      2001 Excom Member Eden Kim


There being no further business to be discussed, a motion was made, seconded and passed to adjourn the meeting.

Respectfully submitted,

David Tambellini
24 September 2001

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