Date:          Thursday, December 13, 2001
Location:  St. Francis Yacht Club

Members Present:   Dave Tambellini, Jaren Leet, Eden Kim, Phillips Perkins,Don Trask, Randy Paul, David Owen
Members Absent :    None

Agenda of Business Items Discussed:

   Fleet #12002 Annual Dinner
   Fleet #1 Dues
   Rules & Tactics Seminar
   Fleet #1 Website
   Regatta Weigh In
   Sail Tags in Counters & Non Counters
   North Americans
   Starting Line Congestion

Call to Order:

A Regular Meeting of the Excom was called to order by Fleet Captain David Tambellini at 1830 hours at the StFYC. Present at the Meeting were Mssrs. David Tambellini, Randy Paul, David Owen, Phillips Perkins, Jaren Leet, Eden Kim and Don Trask. Randy Paul acted as secretary and took the minutes of this meeting.

The following business items were discussed:

1. Fleet #1 2002 Annual Dinner

  • Phil Perkins is looking into doing it at St Francis vs. Corinthian.
  • Tentative dates: Saturday November 9, 2002 and Saturday November 16, 2002.
  • Trying to keep the cost down to less than $40/head.
  • Will try to get support for wine for the dinner as in the past.

2. Fleet #1 Dues

  • Will be emailed this weekend, snail mail will be sent to all who have not responded.
  • Another 2 weeks and then phone calls will be made.
  • Encourage associate members to pay dues- benefits would enable them to get on email list, and get first hand info regarding fleet.

3. Rules & Tactics Seminar

  • Feb 9th with Dick Rose, Tom Roberts and Mark Reynolds.
  • Clothing sale at that time with Karen Rosembaun- to be set up.
  • March 23rd with Dave Perry, John Craig and a select panel including the top ofthe fleet and sail makers.
  • Agreed to 2-days, $100, full attendance required and to get scored as a race.
  • If one day out of the 2, one cannot attend, one can send a major player such as tactician or helmsman to replace.
  • Class will work to sanction alternate seminars (e.g., North U) to attend if conflict prevents member from attending Class seminar.
  • Member is to make application to ExComm for permission to attend alternate.
  • Ask J120 to attend in order to maximize.

4. Fleet #1 Website

  • Randy will work up at privacy statement.
  • Eden will monitor what gets posted on bulletin board.
  • Crew list added -with fee?

5. Regatta Weigh Ins

  • Spring One Design (3/16-17)- Phil and Dave T.
  • PCC's (6/8-9)- Jaren and David O.
  • NOOD (8/31-9/1)- Randy and Eden.
  • BBS (9/12-15)- Dave T, Phil and Eden.

6. Sail Tags in Counters & Non Counters

  • National Sail tags- cannot use them out here if bought for East Coast nationals.
  • Will get special exemption for sail tags used for Key West and similar regattas.

7. North Americans

  • ExComm was unanimously in favor of having N/As here summer 2003.
  • Understanding is that National Class will sanction event with 89 spinnaker and the then current National weight limit, but with Fleet One owner driver.

8. Starting Line Congestion

  • Don Trask suggested there is concern re starting line congestion.
  • Don has come up with a fleet splitting proposal to get a "little more control on the number of J105s at the starting line."
  • This concept would split the fleet evenly and not on the basis of standings.
  • Don was asked to put this idea in writing for comment.


There being no further business to be discussed, a motion was made, seconded and passed to adjourn the meeting at 2030 hours.

Respectfully submitted,

Randy Paul

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